Case studies...

A few case studies

PADKontrol MIDI Controller | MIDI controller

with pads, sequencer, chord generator, and expansion bay for optional sound generation modules (synthesis, sampling).
One-piece plastic injection-moulded case, sheet steel sole with non-slip silicone strips. Double SUB-D25 connection for inputs and outputs on spread cables. 34 ExpressCard type internal connector for adding a module in insertion. ABS carrying case with semi-rigid PE foam padding.

MULTIFILTER effect | Stereo filter with desktop module modelling.

Modular ABS casing, aluminium alloy sheet metal panel + silk-screen printing.
The tray is designed for SLA 3D printing, it is made of modular panels rigidified on a ribbed tray. The folded aluminium cover is the only one-piece part. All the elements can be made in SLA except the aluminium panel and the screws. The tray can accommodate up to 5 x 3mm PCBs held in place by spacers and clamps, a simple assembly for small series production with a high level of quality.

METAWAVE Keyboard | Digital synthesizer derived from the METAWAVE.

Hard aluminium alloy casing, sheet steel panel powder coated AXALTA + silk screen printing. Camphor wooden inserts.
The unit is composed of two articulated shells made mobile by a linkage and screwing device. The connection between the upper and lower parts is made via a GX-18-8 cable on the back of the control panel and on the back of the keyboard. This allows the top module to be used alone and flat or remote from the keyboard.

MDM Modular Drum Machine | Modular rhythm sequencer.

Aluminium casing, panel in powder-coated steel sheet AXALTA. Camphor wood cheeks. A tray holds the modules equipped with POGO type pin connectors, the whole is inserted in a folded aluminium frame. AXALTA powder-coated finish and LEXAN laminate markings to facilitate opening to third-party manufacturers while maintaining a consistent appearance.

BASSdesk | Studio preamplifier for electric bass.

With milled hard aluminium alloy casing and aluminium sheet panel. The finish is AXALTA Deep Matte powder coating + silk screen printing. Protection block in nickel-plated pressed steel.

DMS-25 | Small format digital synthesizer. 

Moulded casing in recycled HDPE, panel in folded aluminium sheet. The finish is AXALTA Matte powder coating + silk screen printing. Covering in reconstituted wood + veneer. The spacers are moulded directly into the casing, thus reducing the linkage to a minimum.

FX-SEQUENCER | Multi-effects controlled by sequencer.

Aluminium sheet casing and nickel-plated angle brackets. The finish is AXALTA Matte powder coating + silk screen printing. The side panels are interchangeable to allow customisation.

MICROTRANSPORT | Small Bluetooth control surface.

Folded aluminium alloy sheet casing and nickel-plated steel sides. The finish is a satin clear powder coating + laser engraving. Anodising possible as an alternative to powder coating. Simple assembly by screwing under the object. Silicone buttons on a tablecloth, operated by micro switches 6/6/5 on PCB. Damping pad on the back of the PCB. Silicone anti-slip strip under the case.

CUSTOM PREAMP | Two channel guitar preamplifier.

Folded sheet steel casing and treated recycled HDPE side panels. The finish is a semi-gloss cream powder coating + LEXAN. Wooden cheeks available as an option. Simple assembly by screwing under the object and on the front. Compartmentalized EMI shielding and decoupling of the lamp support to avoid microphony. Skids screwed to the frame under the housing.

KANTIA | Digital Audio Interface & Direct Recorder.

Casing in folded aluminium alloy sheet, structural protection shell in polycarbonate. The finish is a semi-gloss black powder coating + silk screen printing. Connector cover. Secure assembly by standard double screwing.