What's Fluidshell ?

Fluidshell is an industrial design studio specialising in audio equipment & software design (electronic instruments, studio peripherals, broadcasting tools, software synths, UI)

This specialisation is not a coincidence, it combines a passion for these tools, attention to detail and logic from industry and architecture. Fluidshell literally means "fluid shell", it's a kind of fantasy, a philosopher's stone, a shell is not flexible at all of course. But the idea of a protective shell capable of changing shape is quite pleasant.

This search for fluidity is a quest for the absolute, testing the codes, reinventing the wheel not to claim to do better but to ensure that it is the one that best responds to the problem. Between the refusal of classicism and modernity at all costs, there are the most interesting and richest nuances.

Hardware | from idea to prototype

Human-assisted design

From technology watch to the supply of an assembly prototype, we can offer you a range of services: design assistance (ergonomics and general morphology), virtual 3D prototypes of the case, plans and general graphic documents, industrialisation follow-up, decision or communication rendering... It's variable geometry and each project requires a specific breakdown. 

You can contact us for a complete design mission or ask us to carry out particular phases. The only restriction is that prototyping is reserved for the design we create, we do not subcontract anything other than preliminary modelling and rendering. 

Software | Unconventional Instruments

Enjoy a little bit of madness in complete safety.

Our software instruments are designed with experimentation in mind.
It is essential to offer less conventional instruments, to participate in the diversity of sound worlds.
Our range is an illustration of this approach, aiming to be different and pleasant to use.

But it is also important that this difference is not divisive and that it benefits musicians and sound designers without making them feel lost.

You can explore new horizons without fear because we will guide you.

This website is a showcase: Fluidshell is a freelance design studio that works on a freelance basis. This means that we have the necessary guarantees and the ability to invoice with or without VAT.