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If the current trend is towards flat design, which is easier to use than skeuomorphic interfaces with the widespread use of touch screens, graphic interfaces are fortunately not limited to two opposing concepts. For each reflection preceding a graphic interface proposal, the question of appearance arises. And the answer is often an in-between. This reflection is essential in our way of working, it imposes aesthetic and technical choices that are closely linked.

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Back in 2010 ...

The TORPEDO REMOTE is an interface that we worked on in 2009/2010 in collaboration with ELTA Design, on behalf of the company Two Notes.

In the initial proposals, there were some smoother options, others more daring, and in the end the client chose to stick as closely as possible to the appearance of the hardware.

The argument was valid since it was a question of offering a software control interface for an existing hardware. Offering the user a sort of augmented replica of the tool he already knows was a choice not to lose him along the way.
And this choice was the right one if you consider that the TORPEDO VB-101 is present in a phenomenal number of professional studios all over the world.

In 2010, it was still a little difficult to imagine that we would soon be able to control everything with the tip of our thumb via the screen of our touch screen smartphone. And therein lies the tipping point: the touch screen in the palm of the hand is a very practical and powerful prosthesis while waiting for neural/synaptic control.

Ten years later, the two formats coexist: the computer screen, sometimes replaced by a tablet, and the smartphone screen.

What we propose is always marked by this duality, these complementarities, this open-mindedness too. The basic principle of any graphic interface is to propose the functions of the software through an illusion that is both ergonomic and comprehensible, without forgetting the notions of pleasure and reassuring comfort.