UI Design

Visual interfaces for embedded systems.
Our hardware specialisation does not stop at hardware design. It also includes aspects of embedded interfaces. 

Take a look at two examples of our expertise in Visual Interfaces for embedded systems.

In 2022, KIVIAK Instruments called on us to design the graphic part of the WOFI software interface.

The aim was to define the visual elements that would be displayed on the screen when the instrument is in use. 

We chose to pay tribute to the original design of the instrument by incorporating visual references to the hardware. The result is a unity that reinforces the instrument's identity.

The choice of black and white was made by KIVIAK Instruments for better legibility and visual sobriety. To maintain this sobriety throughout the process, the choice was made to simplify the animations as much as possible. Visual feedback is present, without generating unnecessary distraction: sound first.

Find out more about WOFI on the KIVIAK Instruments website.

In 2009/2010, Two Notes (OROSYS) called on us to design the graphic interface for the software remote control of its Torpedo VB-101 rack. 

In the initial proposals, there were some smoother options, others more daring, and in the end the client chose to stick as closely as possible to the appearance of the hardware.

The argument was valid since it was a question of offering a software control interface for an existing hardware. Offering the user a sort of augmented replica of the tool he already knows was a choice not to lose him along the way.
And this choice was the right one if you consider that the TORPEDO VB-101 is present in a phenomenal number of professional studios all over the world.

In 2010, it was still a little difficult to imagine that we would soon be able to control everything with the tip of our thumb via the screen of our touch screen smartphone. And therein lies the tipping point: the touch screen in the palm of the hand is a very practical and powerful prosthesis while waiting for neural/synaptic control.

The TORPEDO VB-101 is no longer in production, but you can find out more about it by visiting the Two Notes website.