It's fantastic to see that so many of you collect our instruments -free or paid.
Thank you very much for your loyalty and continued support. We'll do our very best to keep up this standard and create new instruments for you to enjoy!


| Collection of phantasmagorical instruments | keys | leads | textures | percussions ...

Meet 4MBIENCE, our first collection of easy-to-use inspiring instruments. A wealth of eerie sounds for projects that need a touch of fantasy.

Seraphim Blueprint |collection|
| Wavetable synthesis with resonators | expressive leads | basses | solo strings | drones

SERAPHIM Blueprint is an evolution, based on feedback from users of the original version, developed as a prototype for the hardware version of the instrument.


| Collection of combined pianos and keys | pads | leads | textures ...

Discover Magnetic|Duo, a collection of versatile, immersive and powerful instruments combining the timbres of prepared pianos and keys to create truly inspiring sounds.


| Electro-Acoustic synthesis with resonators | expressive leads | basses | solo strings | drones

Discover Seraphim, our new expressive instrument using electro-acoustic resonator synthesis.

Subliminal Keys

| Unconventional Pianos | Electric Organs | Synthesizers | Textures

Subliminal Keys is much more than a soundbank dedicated to pianos: realism is not its goal.
It is a real invitation to manipulate recognizable and unrecognizable sounds while keeping an essential ease of use. 


| Soundscapes | Pads | Drones | Textures

Inspired by modular synthesis, Stigmata brings together everything you need to set up complex and evolving atmospheres in your musical compositions.Stigmata allows you to stage elaborate soundscapes with maximum simplicity, using macros extensively.