Unconventional Instruments

| Electro-Acoustic synthesis with resonators | expressive leads | basses | solo strings | drones

Discover Seraphim, our new expressive instrument using electro-acoustic resonator synthesis. 

Based on an in-house monophonic prototype, Seraphim allows duophony and refined controls. Seraphim features 4 digital oscillators with progressive waveforms. Prepare yourself for some very metallic sounds, but don't worry:
the Radial Filter Bank will always give you the option of calming things down!

Subliminal Keys
| Unconventional Pianos | Electric Organs | Synthesizers | Textures

Here is Subliminal Keys.
Subliminal Keys is much more than a soundbank dedicated to pianos: realism is not its objective. It is a real invitation to manipulate recognizable and unrecognizable sounds while keeping an essential ease of use. 

| Soundscapes | Pads | Drones | Textures

Discover STIGMATA.
Inspired by modular synthesis, Stigmata brings together everything you need to set up complex and evolving atmospheres in your musical compositions.Stigmata allows you to stage elaborate soundscapes with maximum simplicity, using macros extensively.


It is an "engine" developed for the eponymous instrument, combining a network of filters and modulations. This engine has been specifically developed to process 4 sources simultaneously while allowing complex interactions between them.

Is SubliminalKeys an extension of Stigmata?

Yes and no. Subliminal Keys uses the engine developed for Stigmata but with special modifications. The Stigmata engine gives interesting results and it seemed natural to use it for other kinds of instruments. 

Will there be more instruments in this series?

As the Stigmata engine makes extensive use of combined filtering, it is ideal for specific instruments. The opposite is also true: some instruments would not benefit from the Stigmata engine, such as percussion instruments.So no, the Stigmata series is not going to give rise to myriad variations. Especially as we are keen to add new instruments to Stigmata and Subliminal Keys from time to time. Both instruments are eligible for updates.