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Instruments for KONTAKT & Audio Plugins


version 1

Belles Ondes EQ79

version 1.02

the NoiseBox) 2

version 1.3


version 1.1


version 1.0


version 2.5


version 1.0

version 1.0

version 1.0

the REPLIKANT Analogue


version 1.0

version 1.0


version 1.0


version 1.0

version 1.1

version 1.0


Moving from the flat design of the first version to an interface with a bit more depth and colour. New functions required a dynamic display system in the UI. REPLIKANT being a simple instrument, it was naturally chosen as a basis to experiment with new functions. It is thus a "Frankenstein" project which gave birth to this second iteration, resulting from grafts, cosmetic or deep modifications. REPLIKANT2 gave us the opportunity to test and implement some elements that we can now integrate into future virtual instruments.


A very simple instrument where everything is built around the square waveform. Very minimalist. Squadrant has 13 variations on the Square Wave theme, 6 resonant filters (including a Formant Filter), a simplified envelope (Attack/Release) and an LFO... square of course.To enrich the whole, Squadrant also benefits from effects (Delay, Phaser, Overdrive, Reverb) and a Macro control system. This is probably not the only synthesizer for the all-in-one enthusiast, but it is capable of producing a wide range of sounds, provided you think about synthesis in a different way.


Designed to receive samples from the MOOG GRANDMOTHER, the LITTLEMOMMY is another demonstration of an instrument "in the spirit of..." The sounds come from the GRANDMOTHER and are provided by Push-Pull, a Swiss composer and sound designer. The development of the LITTLEMOMMY has been used to test functions that we would like to propose on future instruments.from the sandbox stage to the finalized instrument, the LITTLEMOMMY keeps a sobriety that makes it efficient for simple sounds but with an "analog character". Lovers of complex modulations will have to do without it, for the others it is a very functional basic.

MALOSY [MAgnetic LOop SYnthesizer]

Inspired by the Mellotron, the MALOSY allows to play notes on a keyboard. MALOSY is polyphonic and has 4+4 simultaneous tracks, 8 sounds that can be mixed and twisted by two wheels. Each wheel acts on the pitch of one side of the magnetic tape. For more experimental possibilities, MALOSY has 3 independent delays, 4 filters plus a fifth one that acts on the entire mixed sound. A built-in mixer allows the sound balance to be adjusted while a vertical crossfader adjusts the ratio between the A&B tracks. Unlike the Mellotron, the analogue ancestor of the modern sampler, MALOSY was not designed to play a pre-recorded instrument, but rather to create textures and moods.


A modified recreation of the BOSS DR-110, the DR-001 is a non-realistic drum module that does not have an internal sequencer. The interface voluntarily takes the aesthetics of the original by substituting some parameters, the sequencer being no longer internal there was space left in the screen to arrange controls specific to the virtual version. We find there the pitch of the instruments, the distortion level and the delay and reverb effects. A tape simulation is also present. The pads no longer trigger sounds but are used to mute them on the fly. A small, unpretentious drum sound module, it was mostly for the fun of reproducing a slightly outdated interface and integrating samples from an old, unused model.


Who doesn't know the famous seance board dear to the fans of fantasy films? OUIJA is a library for KONTAKT which is inspired by the strange ambiences of these Z movies with a simple handling adapted to touch screens: the essential controls are accessible by oversized commands such as pads. Again this is an instrument intended to be manipulated live, you slap on a few notes and play around with the sound. But it's also interesting to scroll through a MIDI sequence and fetch the sound as the notes come in. Three polyphonic timbres work in parallel: the background textures, the voices and the noises from the NoiseBox.) An immersive and mysterious sound design tool.


An atypical instrument composed of a wooden box and various devices in charge of emitting vibrations, which are transformed into sounds by a piezoelectric sensor located under the top plate. In addition to the spring box there is an overdrive pedal, a low pass filter and a delay pedal. NOISEBOX) includes some refinements over the original prototype: a formant filter, a bitcrusher and a pitch control to emulate the adjustable spring tension. In addition to the raw samples, there are processed samples and a kick.


The K-OSC is a virtualized version of John KRISCHER's Polyphonic Analogue Drone Synthesizer, in a simple but effective configuration: the module, an overdrive pedal, a low pass filter and a reverb. Unlike the original, the K-OSC has a gain control for each oscillator, instead of an on/off switch. The whole thing is served on an authentic dusty carpet from the family attic, with dust mites also present in the modelling to delight allergy sufferers.


KICK-134 [WIP]

RheinRatte [WIP]

Vox Æterna [WIP]

Some 3D objects for STL/Resin printing

Download STL

Initial idea

Pickup cover for 7 string guitar. This is one of the models initially produced for a luthier to further customize his guitars. You can also view the object (prototype) via GrabCad's VIEWER.