Pyanode: Magnetic | Duo


Magnetic|Duo takes a different approach to pianos and keys, offering the ability to interweave them to form a new instrument. 

Magnetic|Duo oscillates constantly between sounds derived from the piano and more electronic textures. Offering unstructured nuances and unusual textures, Magnetic|Duo is for lovers of unexpected sounds.

Magnetic|Duo is a continuation of the experimental work that led to the creation of Subliminal Keys.
Magnetic|Duo will be available free of charge to owners of Subliminal Keys.

Faithful reproduction of a fabricated piano

Based on piano samples recorded by our friend James Yates (Majetone) during a trip to Hungary, Magnetic|Duo takes the concept of sound evocation a step further. 

Each control on the Magnetic|Duo allows you to move further away from the classic piano sound we all know. Distortion, degradation, crushing, looping, stretching... all that's left of the piano is a distant memory, a reminiscence you can use in your own way.

In each instance, Magnetic|Duo evolves in a strange universe blending evocations of piano and various degrees of organic textures.

Easy to use and CPU friendly

We thought it was essential to come up with an instrument that would be less power-hungry, while retaining its ability to produce rich, recognisable sounds.
If we had stopped there, the new instrument would have been a slimmed-down version of Subliminal Keys.
But in order to create Magnetic|Duo in the best possible conditions, we decided to start from scratch. Our new instrument works differently:
two distinct sources are mixed, each with a different flavour and specific signal processing, one with an electronic sound and the other with a tape-like feel. 

Instruments List

The Magnetic|Duo collection contains 10 instruments:
- Magnetic|Duo (no colour name)
- Magnetic|Duo [WHITE]
- Magnetic|Duo [CREME]
- Magnetic|Duo [BROWN]
- Magnetic|Duo [CARDINAL]
- Magnetic|Duo [PURPLE]
- Magnetic|Duo [YELLOW]
- Magnetic|Duo [PINK]
- Magnetic|Duo [BLACK]
- Magnetic|Duo [ORANGE]

Each instrument comes with 10 presets.
As always, each new update to Magnetic|Duo will bring new instruments to the collection.

Magnetic|Duo [BROWN]

Magnetic|Duo [PURPLE]

Minimum system requirements

Magnetic|Duo is an instrument for Kontakt, the full version is a must, you can use Magnetic|Duo from Kontakt version 6.7.
In addition to the official recommendations of Native Instruments, we have determined that Magnetic|Duo feels most comfortable with a 7th generation Intel i5 processor, 8 GB of RAM (16 recommended) and a screen with a minimum resolution of 1920x1080.
Magnetic|Duo doesn't take up much space on your hard drive (or SSD), 300MB is enough for its well-being.
Magnetic|Duo is very friendly with controllers (MIDI keyboards, pads, button controllers and others), we strongly advise you to take advantage of them.